Torqnut™ Mokuti/Zircuti

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Torqnut Nichols Random Mokuti and Nichols Twist Zircuti Deep Dish Buttons both polished and flame ano'd (XX.Xg), OG Hybrid SS/Ceramic Bearing

The Torqnut™ is the ultimate pocket bauble.  Small enough to be carried or used anywhere, yet still has good heft and manipulability.  The Torqnut™ can be made from all exotic materials and because of its small size it won't break the bank.  It's also the perfect way to show off a fancy set of buttons.

The Torqnut™ is compatible with all Torqbar® buttons except Big Dish variants.  Since the Torqnut™ is the same thickness as a Torqbar® Solidbody, Standard buttons are recessed for a low profile setup, Deep Dish protrude slightly for extra grip and table spins, and Magnum Deep Dish give it a gryroscopic feel when spinning. 

Bead Blasted/Tumbled is a smooth finish with softened edges while the Machine finish is direct from our CNC Mills. It is a bright finish with visible machining marks and is more susceptible to scratches. Polished Finish is hand buffed to shiny finish and does scratch easily.  Flame Ano is utilizing a torch to heat the metal to various temperature to form a colored oxide layer.  All finishing is done in small batches or one-off and therefore finishes always vary.