Simple Bearing Removal Tool

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The Simple Bearing Removal Tool is our take on the classic screw-type bearing removers.

The SBRT is contructed 100% from Stainless Steel and Delrin.

R188 Only

The stainless cup is sheathed in Delrin on the contact edge and the outer body to prevent scratching.

The cup dimensions have been optimized for maximum compatibility between spinner designs including, of course, all Torqbar models.  The inside diameter clears the 'bearing lip' on all Torqbar models, and the outer diameter fits inside the weights on Torqbar Mini.

By incorporating a shoulder screw that passes through the ID of the bearing, the plunger is optimally aligned to the bearing.

The SBRT can accommodate body thicknesses of .1181"-.250".

Disclaimer:  Use at your own risk.  We cannot guarantee the SBRT will not damage your spinner as it is not tested on every spinner design.  Improper use or alignment of the SBRT could result in damage to your spinner or the SBRT itself.  When replacing spinner bearings, you may alter the balance of the spinner.  Retaining equivalent balance after removing and replacing bearings is not guaranteed.

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