BLBO Prototype #P01

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Big Logo Bottle Opener Protoype #1, marked "P01", CP2 Titanium Blasted and Tumbled, Bearing Enabled Tail Hole with Bearing and Brass Machine Finish Buttons Installed with Shim Kit.  This prototype has no trits installed as the slot for the 2x8mm Trit is a little too tight.  P01 also has the original opener geometry which was tweaked in later prototypes.  It also features a trial of the SCAM logo smaller on side one, and it's final version on side 2.


The Big Logo Bottle Opener is a simple, effective, ergonomic, pocketable bottle opener.  Each one is serialized to make them one of a kind.  The BLBO is an effective "one-popper", reliably popping caps in one motion.  There are two popular grips for this style of opener, and the ergonomics are designed to complement both grips.

On "Bearing Enabled" versions the tail hole can either be fitted with a bearing and a set of Torqbar buttons (with shim kit), or looks good and works well as a lanyard hole without a bearing in.

On trit slotted versions, the trit location on the BLBO really shows off the glow when you pop a cap in a dark room.

Versions fitted with the Hex Driver will accomodate any standard 1/4" hex bit.  It is not a through hole, so strong downward pressure can be used.

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