B Grade Torqbar Solidbody Titanium

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B Grade Torqbars have imperfect balance and may have cosmetic issues like scratches or tarnish.  Product image is example only.  Bearing is either 8 Ball Hybrid Ceramic, or One Drop.  They are sold as is with no refunds or exchanges.  While supplies last.

B Grade Torqbars are Stamped with a Capital B opposite the Inifinity Logo to differentiate them from A Grade Torqbars.  B Grade Torqbars still include Box, Sticker, and Clip.

Torqbar Solid Body Titanium. Offered in Bead Blasted and Tumbled Finish or Machine Finish. CP2 Titanium (31.1g)

Bead Blasted/Tumbled is a smooth finish with softened edges while the Machine finish is direct from our CNC Mills. It is a bright finish with visible machining marks. Final finish results vary.

This Torqbar® includes Deep Dish buttons, which offer the user a firm grip while finger spinning and the option to table spin as well.