Our credit card processor has the ability to flag transactions it considers to be "at risk" and we have experienced a number of fraudulent credit card charges. Example reasons why your transaction might be flagged as "at risk" include but are not limited to the following:

- You placed the order from behind a proxy (masking your source IP address)
- You placed the order using a non-US credit card and a US shipping address
- Your transaction failed CVV validation
- There are multiple failed attempts to make payment on the order

We are instituting a new policy regarding "at risk" transactions only. We will contact you via email if your transaction is flagged and we will provide you with an opportunity to provide us with identification.

You will need to send the following to us:

1) Picture of your Government issued photo ID
2) Pictures of both sides of your credit card (the name on the Government issued photo ID must match the name on the credit card)
3) Your full name
4) Billing address listed with the credit card
5) The shipping address listed with your order
6) Order number
7) Total dollar amount of your order
8) The following statement "I agree to pay for this order and I agree to be held to the terms and conditions found at"

We will need to receive all of this information within two business days from the date we send you email notification or we will be forced to cancel and refund your order.

Please consider using PayPal to process your transaction. PayPal offers you Buyer protection and us Seller protection. PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

MD Engineering LLC team