Spinner Core 38 - Pre Order CLOSED

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Spinner Core 3/8", All available materials on pre order for one more run.  3-4 weeks lead time.  Limited to materials and bearings on hand.

Atwood Pry Tool NOT Included

If you are recently purchased one of Peter's "SS Heavy Fidget Spinners" and you're looking for a core for it, be sure to purchase a TALL version.

Select material and size via the drop-down menu before ordering.  If I'm not offering a metal or finish it will say "SOLD OUT".

There are many options available, if you want to see examples you can look through the photos here:  https://torqbar.com/collections/spinner-core-38, however some options aren't pictured.

"Tall" Versions are intended for installation into thicker tools.

The SC38 Core was originally designed for Peter Atwood’s pry tools like the classic G1 Ghost (pictured and not included) and other Atwood tools like the Mini Bermuda Triangle. Install this spinner core in any 3/8” diameter hole with a suggested thickness of .125" to .1875" to make something spin. Runs on an SR168C bearing custom built to the same specs as our Torqbar® bearing. SC38 Core button sides will be offered in a wide range of materials and finishes. Button sides screw apart for easy cleaning. Bead Blasted/Tumbled is a smooth finish with softened edges while the Machine finish is direct from our CNC Mills. It is a bright finish with visible machining marks. Polished Finish is a bright smooth shine.

* Finishes, colors, textures, look and feel of all Torqbar® products will vary.  Torqbar® products come with a 30-day money back or replacement of like product warranty for manufacturing defects.  Spin time, finish variations and/or personal preferences may receive a full refund or exchange for a $45 restocking fee plus shipping fees appropriate for your location.  Shipping fees are calculated based on shipping destination, package weight and package value.  All orders are shipped fully insured and may require signature.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling expenses including shipments returned for any reason.