Torqpod First Run Pre-Order CLOSED

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The Pre-Order will run for 1-2 weeks (mid-late March) or until I have enough orders to satisfy my target order minimum.
Delivery Time is estimated at 4-8 weeks (mid-late April).  

Torqpod CP2 Titanium Blasted and Tumbled, 2x Sets C360 Brass Standard "End" Buttons, 1x Set C360 Brass "Center" Buttons, 3x FZ Essentials HC4 Bearings

Torqpod is the latest spinner design from SCAM Design, and adds new ways to customize and fidget.  Buttons can be mixed and matched and swapped to show off your favorite sets.  All Torqbar Buttons are compatible except for Big Dish.  Mix and match button heights with Standard, Deep Dish, and Deep Dish Magnum.  Use the end buttons for an off-balanced spin or "rock it" left-to right making the weight swing for a slow fidget.  When the Torpod is hard-stopped from a fast spin, the end buttons will continue to spin on their own due to the momentum energy of the spin.

51.6g in this configuration

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